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Linear Bar Grilles Keep Guests Comfortable at NYC Event Venue - Case Study
Posted Tue, May 9, 2017

Guastavino’s is a timeless NYC event venue that was built over a century ago. Over the years, they have hosted private events for everyone from Disney to Dior, but their space had a serious ventilation issue. Read the Guastavino’s case study below and learn about their challenge to keep guests comfortable in extreme temperature changes during events. See our solution that worked aesthetically with the venue and was functional in solving the problem. 


Having similar problems with your commercial building or architectural project? Contact us about your project needs and we can get a quote started for you. 

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Decorative Grilles in Brooklyn Heights Historic Neighborhood
Posted Thu, May 4, 2017

Decorative Grilles in Brooklyn Heights Historic Neigborhood

The development of the Brooklyn Heights neighborhood as a residential district began in the 1830s when ferry steamboats first became popular. Uniquely located as a hub for these ferries, the Brooklyn Heights neighborhood became America’s first suburb. Most buildings in the neighborhood are built pre-Civil War and some before the turn of the century. 

Historic Brooklyn Heights style of front door

Courtesy Brooklyn Historical Society @brooklynhistory

Today, the eastern boundary of the He­ights follows a curved line representing the separation of the old 19th-century residential homes and churches, to the business center of Downtown Brooklyn.  To see a full map of the heights neighborhood, click here

Preserving Brooklyn Heights 

The Brooklyn Heights Association was established in 1910, and its  first address included fighting economic challenges and the new construction of the Brooklyn Bridge. However, throughout the years, as the old charm and beautiful homes were sought out for by residents and property owners, the association began fighting for the preservation of the neighborhood. In 1965, the New York Landmarks Preservation Act declared Brooklyn Heights the first historic district in NYC.  

Brooklyn Heights Historical Society       Old image of Brooklyn Heights

Courtesy Brooklyn Historical Society @brooklynhistory

19th-century architectural elements in Brooklyn homes

Restoring the look of these homes and their interior elements is something residents in the old Brooklyn Heights neighborhood are passionate about. If you have ever been in a 19th-century home you would notice that during this period of time, molded cast iron, bronze or brass grilles were designed to cover air vents for architectural reasons. Why were these intricate grilles so important? Most homes in the 19th century only had fireplaces for heat, and if you had central heat, that was something homeowners wanted to show off. These intricate ventilation covers added eye-catching elements to the room that drew everyone’s attention.

If you’re passionate about preserving the look and historical elements in your home, Coco’s ability to custom design architectural grills make it easy to match vintage grilles, much like what you would see in the Brooklyn Heights neighborhood. Our metal crafting selection offers many options—choose from several popular materials that can match the existing grilles, including:

  • Aluminum— finished in a satin, mirror polish, clear anodize, anodized color, baked enamel color (liquid or powder coat) or a primed for field painting.Brass— available in satin and mirror polished finishes, as well as several shades of statuary bronze, antiqued and blackened bronze.
  • Bronze— available in satin and mirror polished finishes, as well as several shades of statuary bronze, antiqued and blackened bronze.
  • Stainless steel—finished in a satin, blackened, or mirror polish, or prepped for plating.
  • Steel—prepped for plating, or available in a primed finish, blackened, or baked enamel colors.

Want to see more of our historical renovation grille projects? Check out the Beacon in Jersey City, New Jersey renovation blog to see some of the custom work we can do for your home or business. 

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Decorative Grates Can Give Your Interiors the Perfect Touch
Posted Mon, January 23, 2017

Decorative grates are a versatile way to add perfect artistic detail to any room. They can accentuate the beauty of a classic remodel, or highlight the visual appeal of a modern room.

A high-quality grate combines the ability to cover a necessary vent or drain with incredible detail. Our catalog offers a wide variety of choices for grate options. At Coco Architectural Grilles & Metalcraft, we’re experts at creating everything from standard and elegant decorative grates to giant, custom-perforated sheets that work as a staple of your architectural design.

We pride ourselves on achieving the perfect balance of form and function with our metal grates and perforated metal sheets. From getting the airflow perfect to crafting an eye-popping custom pattern or shape, our team accepts nothing less than perfection from our products because we know you won’t. Look no further than our renovation at the Beacon in Jersey City, New Jersey.

This project was a vast, multi-building project and is easily one of the largest historic renovations in the country. Coco was tasked with recreating the original design and feel of the old grilles. Our team took the challenge seriously, and the finished pieces were a perfect match to the original. The architectural metal grates Coco provided in this historic renovation tied into the overall look of the refreshed space, which made each room feel open, inviting and elegant in a way that standard bar grilles never could.

Decorative Grates & Grilles - The Coco Architectural Difference

The real difference when it comes to decorative grates and architectural grilles is what we can do when it comes to a custom project. Many architectural grille manufacturers can cover a rectangular hole in the wall, but who do you call when you need an epic, three-story architectural installation?

Our work at the Marcus Garvey Apartments in Brooklyn, New York, speaks for itself. Our expertise was sought after by the construction organization to create a custom perforated pattern for their massive exterior façade. Not only did the pattern need to match across multiple panels, but the weld had to be perfect to tie the pattern into the look of the renovation. The perforated metal grates made the unique exterior truly shine as the key focal point of the project, and we were proud to be a part of it.

Have a construction or architectural project in need of decorative grates or grilles? We’d be happy to explore your needs, big or small. Coco Architectural Grilles & Metalcraft has been providing iconic and distinctive metal crafting services for more than a century. Whether you need a custom brass banister for a home project or a unique stainless steel façade to adorn the face of a business, we can exceed all your expectations.

Tell us about your project needs today and we can make sure you’re our number one priority.

Download COCO Catalog

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Posted Mon, December 12, 2016

At Coco Architectural, we’ve worked tirelessly over the past century to provide excellent customer satisfaction in all of our metal projects. From mind-blowing custom metal projects to perfect installations of mud-in bar grilles, our customers have loved what we’ve done for generations.

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How to Choose the Right Metal for Your Project
Posted Wed, October 26, 2016

In the world of architectural metalcrafting, we’ve had more than a hundred years in business to work out the best metals to use in many different situations. However, it’s always good to have a starting point for your ideas. When anyone comes to us for bar grilles or a custom metals project, they always have an idea in mind. However, there’s more than one way to fabricate the ideal metal solution. For example, if you want a clean, modern and sturdy application, how would you decide between aluminum and stainless steel? There are a lot of similarities in their appearance, but what sets them apart — to the benefit of your project?

We’ve created an infographic highlighting the similarities and contrasts between the primary metals we work with: bronze, brass, stainless steel and aluminum. For most projects we deal with, there are three defining strengths and weaknesses for each type. Your main concerns should always be weight, corrosion resistance and, of course, material cost.

Being that all of these metals have specific variants and hybrids, this guide is meant to be a general rule-of-thumb and jumping off point for your project, not the perfect truth for every occasion. We hope you find it helpful, and feel free to contact us for a quote or learn more about our offerings in our catalog!

Infographic - The Right Metal for Your Project

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Custom Metal Fabrication: Why Stainless Steel?
Posted Mon, September 19, 2016

Coco has been building custom fabricated projects for our clients for nearly a century. In this time, we’ve learned a lot about what kinds of metal are fit for each job. If you’re looking for custom metal fabrication, stainless steel fabrication is one of the most versatile options for your project. Not only does the metal have inherent benefits like strength, hygiene, and natural corrosion resistance, but the variety of finishes available enhances those characteristics.

Stainless steel sheet metal fabrication from Coco Architectural is easy to maintain after installation, and it results in a high-quality appearance. Our stainless steel custom fabricators understand the benefits of each finish type and can assist you in selecting the right finish for your project every time. Check out our infographic below for more information about the benefits of stainless steel fabrication!

fabricating stainless steel infographic

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