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How to Add Character to Your Home

Posted Mon, November 4, 2019

A photo of a kitchen to add character to your home

It should surprise no one that bathroom renovations and kitchen upgrades are the most popular types of interior remodels for homeowners. A recent study by the National Association of Realtors found a bathroom remodel was most common, with 26% of respondents divulging they did DIY projects compared to 25% who hired professional contractors. Likewise, 19% said they upgraded their kitchen on their own and 17% hired professionals.

We’ve established they are popular, but are these types of updates worth it? On average, you can recoup 81% of a minor kitchen remodel, 67% of a bathroom remodel and 62% of a major kitchen remodel.

When it comes time to add value to either of these rooms, your inner HGTV sense of style is likely to default to quartz or marble countertops in your kitchen and fancy showerheads and vanities in your bathroom. Those are key pieces that add aesthetic and functionality to a room, but there are other custom finishes and metalwork options than can add character to your home.

Custom metalwork for your kitchen

You don’t have to be a five-star chef to appreciate a kitchen. For most homeowners, we spend a good chunk of our time here creating meals for our families or entertaining for parties. It can easily become a focal point. Yes, we want functional spaces, but a few touches here and there can visually tie your kitchen together. 

For starters, you’ll want to steer clear of stock vents you can find at your neighborhood big box store. Many of our linear and perforated custom metal grills serve a dual purpose with increased ventilation and custom finishes that stands out.

In the past, we’ve added HVAC grilles and custom grille borders in kitchens for a luxury finish. Typically in kitchens, you’ll find tile (or another similar material) used to construct a backsplash. When paired and coordinated with cabinets and countertops, a backsplash can add depth to a kitchen. Ditch the subway tile look you’re familiar with and instead opt for a sheet metal backsplash. In addition, stainless steel countertops provide a classy look, with the added benefit of being durable and resistant to bacteria and stains.

The use of steel in kitchens rose in popularity after World War II. Many spaces were outfitted with metal cabinets as a sturdy choice, although the trend fizzled out in the 1960s. The interest is back, as vintage trends are becoming more prominent. 

Your kitchen needs brightness, and metal light fixtures help you achieve a sophisticated custom look. If you have an island or space over your stove/exhaust, consider adding a custom metal rack to hold all your pots and pans. It makes it easier to reach up and grab a skillet instead of rummaging through a cluttered cabinet and your guests will enjoy the visual aid it adds to the room.

If you need inspiration for your kitchen, check out Pinterest’s industrial kitchen trends for lighting and fixture ideas.

Custom metalwork for your bathroom

Like your kitchen, your bathroom is a high-traffic area that will need plenty of attention throughout the years. The good news is you don’t need a sledgehammer to demolish your entire space for a facelift.

For starters, you can add character to your home with a few simple upgrades by using metalcraft for towel racks and shower curtain rods. Maybe you want to add a new custom door handle or a metal frame to accentuate your mirror.

Trade your outdated, rusted bathroom vents and consider a custom metal grille. We have several options that can serve as the finishing touch to your project. There are many designs to choose from, including the types of metals and finish options.

We normally associate bathroom vanities with an assembly line-manufactured countertop set on top of a cabinet. But, swapping a traditional wood cabinet for a metal base is a simple way to modernize your bathroom.

If you’re searching for ideas on what types of materials to use, gold is back as one of the 2019 bathroom trends. Brass and gold fixtures, compared to traditional steel or chrome finishes, are also gaining traction. You can finish these fixtures in satin or matte. 

This Pinterest page on mixing metals in the bathroom can provide ideas and inspiration for your next upgrade.

Custom options at Coco

If you choose to give your kitchen or bathroom a custom metal grille upgrade, consider our L-Bead installation options. We use this look for linear bar grilles and decorative perforated grilles. 

This flush finish removes the bulky borders around your grille and gives off the impression the grille is built into the wall. We have the highest level of plaster recess, our welding process prevents plaster cracking and the core of the grille is removable. This allows for future ductwork behind the grille without damaging the plaster.

For inspiration or to learn more about us, view our product catalog for a detailed list of our products. For a consultation or to order perforated grilles today, contact us at 631-482-9449 or

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