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Posted Thu, June 2, 2016

Perforated Metal Grilles

Perforated grilles and metal sheets could be the beautiful touch your project has been missing. For any modern architect or contractor, matching every aspect of the construction to spec is essential. A renovation project can’t be counted as a success when the small details are still off. Classic establishments and historical projects need the allure of taking someone back in time to when every detail was painstakingly perfected. For those types of projects, a full set of made-to-spec perforated metal grilles can elevate the entire look of the building.

If you’re in the market for beautiful perforated grilles for your renovation or new construction, we know how to provide exactly what you need. We’ve crafted perforated metal sheets for over a century, always made in the U.S.A. and fit perfectly to our customers’ orders.

What are perforated metal sheets?

As opposed to a shutter-style linear bar grille, a perforated metal sheet is usually non-adjustable and cut in a specific pattern. It allows air to flow freely while giving any room a classic, beautiful touch of class. Every Coco decorative metal grille strives to exceed in these three areas:

  • Aesthetics
  • Performance
  • Customization

You can find all of our perforated grille options in our extensive FREE catalog. But don’t limit yourself to those designs alone. We love to work with our customers on any custom project they have in mind. Feel free to contact us directly to discuss your budget and needs.

Perforated Grille Free Air Percent

What is free air percentage?

In the world of architectural grilles, it’s important to factor the free air percentage, or “open area” of each product. Not sure what that means? Simply stated, free air what’s left after you cover a vent hole. An open vent with no bar grille would have 100% free air.

Once you add in your grille, you would subtract the surface area of the hole now covered by the vent cover, and there you would have your remaining free air percentage. The image on the right should help dispel any confusion you might have about free and obstructed air in your ventilation system.

There are a variety of factors to consider when choosing an appropriate free air percentage. The smaller the vent hole is, the more free air you will want to have in order to push as much air as possible. With larger vent hole, you will want a smaller free air percentage to ensure your vent keeps pushing air further into the room.





Perforated Metal – Material Options

There are many options to think about when deciding on the perfect perforated grille for your project. One of the most important ones is which material will best suit your needs. Coco offers many different choices for any of our catalog grilles. Whether you need a sleek stainless steel application for a modern home, or a traditional brass grille for a historic renovation, we have what you need.

Check out a few of our options and learn a bit more about what they’re perfect for. Any of these materials can be utilized for a perforated metal sheet, linear bar grille or even a custom project.

Highlight Metal Patterns from Coco Metalcraft

Along with the many options you can find on our site, we wanted to highlight a few that are perfect for a variety of projects you might have. Whether you’re recreating a mid-century modern look or renovating something more specific, we probably have a pattern that will suit your needs.

If you don’t see what you need, we’re always ready to work with your specific needs and craft a completely unique and custom perforated metal sheet. Contact us for a quote today and see how Coco can help your vision become a reality.









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